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Meet our Experts

Name: Bernd Schwengsbier
Position: President TII Sales
Email address: bernd.schwengsbier[at]
Industry-Experience: 40 years

Name: Roland Fischer
Position: Area Sales Manager
Area of responsibility:

North America

E-Mail address: roland.fischer[at]
Twitter Account: @roland_tii
Industry-Experience: 10 years

Name: Oliver Schwarz
Position: Area Manager Sales
Area of responsibility: South America and Spain
E-Mail address:[at]
Industry-Experience: 5 years

Name: Dominik Hoppner
Position: Junior Sales Manager
Area of responsibility: North America
E-Mail address: dominik.hoppner[at]
Industry-Experience: 5 years

Name: Olla Lorusso
Position: Head of Marketing
E-Mail address: olla.lorusso[at]
Industry-Experience: 10 years

Name: Gerrit Sachs
Position: Teamleader Marketing
Email address: gerrit.sachs[at]
Twitter Account: @gerrit_tii
Industry-Experience: 11 years

Name: Katja Schellenberger
Position: Marketing Manager
Area of responsibility: Online Media
E-Mail address: katja.schellenberger[at]
Twitter Account: @katja_tii
Industry-Experience: 2 years

Name: Christopher Rimmele
Position: Press Officer
E-Mail address: christopher.rimmele[at]
Twitter Account: @christopher_tii
Industry-Experience: 7 years

Name: Friedrich Messer
Position: Head of Acceptance & Training
Email address: friedrich.messer[at]
Industry-Experience: 39 years